3D Imaging (CBCT)

Cone Beam Computerised Technology (CBCT) is an X-ray based imaging technique that provides fast and accurate visualisation of the inside,  and around of the tooth in three dimensions (3D).

At the Specialist Endodontic Centre we use the most sophisticated CBCT machine for Endodontics. Our Morita CBCT scan is a multi-functional unit for 3D and panoramic viewing.   The minute details available from these 3D scan is usually not viewable from a standard x-ray and allow for extremely accurate diagnoses. 

The accompanying i-Dixel software allows for rotating,  magnifying and slicing of images.   It also allows for clarity of detail regarding infection,  bone structure,  anatomical structures and tooth morphology.   As every patient is unique,  this technology provides an exact picture to help with the treatment planning.

With the CBCT technology,  our practice is committed to providing innovative,  high-quality  patient care.Our Endodontists have been using this technology since 2008 and are experts in the field.

At the Specialist Endodontic Centre, we also provide hands-on courses in CBCT interpretation.   For more information please please contact us on 023 9275 4333.

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