One-to-One Endodontic
Observation Day
with Dr Dani Mancuso

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled learning experience with our exclusive One-to-One Endodontic Observation Day. Tailored for dentists like you seeking personalised insights, this observation day provides a unique opportunity to elevate your endodontic skills. During the day, you will have the chance to observe 3 endodontic treatments, from start to finish, gaining valuable firsthand experience and insights into the intricacies of the procedures. Additionally, you will understand the equipments and different file systems used in each treatment, enhancing your comprehension and proficiency in endodontic practice.

Key Features

Personalized Learning Experience
  • One-to-One interaction with Dr Dani Mancuso
  • Tailored to address your specific learning objectives through a pre-course call
Comprehensive Case Observations
  • Observe a variety of endodontic cases from routine to complex
  • Gain insights into diagnosis, treatment planning, and execution
  • Understand the variety of equipments and file systems used in each case
Live Patient Demonstrations
  • Witness 3 live endodontic procedures in a clinical setting
  • Understand real-time decision-making and clinical nuances
In-Depth Discussions
  • Engage in detailed discussions on treatment strategies
  • Address questions and concerns with immediate feedback

Day Structure

Course Details